Client Name

Cannes Young Lion India

Project Name

Let's Ask the Right Questions


Finalist Young Lion

India 2015


Art Director


The topic was, "How can advertising help create a world where women's safety is not an aberration, but a norm" 

Our idea was to not give solutions but to create the right conversation. What triggers a dialogue? A question. A simple, hard-hitting question - that challenges victim-blaming.  
While the Indian society asks the victim, "What was she doing out late at night?". You too would have heard it, from your elders, from your neighbors, or from the conservative news channel anchor. We instead edited the question, with the victim's own blood, and made it, "What was he doing out?". What was a sex offender doing out in the society.
We hope, by asking the right questions and triggering the right conversation, we can take the first step towards a balanced, equal world. 
The entry was one of the final ten shortlists in India.