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Through TTC mobile site commuters can now travel and use TTC services by buying tickets with cash in 5,10 or 20 dollar bill without worrying for the exact change. 

Client Name

Miami AD School Project

Project Name

TTC Problem of Change




At present, you need to have the exact cash to purchase tickets in TTC (if you don't have a Presto card). 

How does it help?


To buy ticket Just hand your dollarbill to TTC driver

Driver will print your balance amount in the form of a code at the bottom of your transfer ticket.

Now you can redeem that code at any major station or you can go to TTC website and redeem that code by typing it in or by scanning the barcode. Your money can now be transferred to either a bank A/C or a Presto A/C. 


Whom does it help?

Sign up to create an account

Fill details to create account by email ID

Verify Account By email OTP

Link bank account later

Retrieve balance by typing 12 digit code

Check account balance

Sign Out

Happy Path :

Objective: Retrieve your balance amount by using the code written below your TTC ticket thru TTC mobile website.


(Click on Play Button to view demo)

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Input Methods

Speeding up the input method by accessing device's camera to scan code.


Also keeping an alternative for users who are more comfortable with typing. 

Balance Transfer

Providing users one tap option to transfer balance to either their Bank A/C or Presto A/C

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User Flow:

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